Han Style

Enam simbol budaya Korea yang juga disebut dengan ‘Han Style’.

  • Hangeul (huruf Korea)

A very scientific writing system that has been designated by UNESCO as an important part of the Memory of the World Heritage. As a result of the Korean Wave and Korea ‘s economic prosperity, the desire to learn hangeul and the Korean language is exploding.

  • Hansik (makanan Korea)

Korean food continues to gain popularity throughout the world for its incredible health benefits.

  • Hanbok (pakaian tradisional Korea)

The focus of attention when Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace), a TV drama on royal court cuisine, became popular in Asia. Modifications of the exquisite colors and designs of the hanbok are also used as motifs in all Korean-style designs.

  • Hanok (rumah tradisional Korea)

Many international visitors are showing interest in the traditional Korean home, hanok as they want to experience ondol, the Korean floor heating system very effective in the cold winter. Ondol is an important aspect of Korea’ s unique architectural style, and brought floor heating into vogue globally.

  • Hanji (kertas tradisional Korea)

A traditional form of paper that can last for over one thousand years and is known for its outstanding quality and elegant designs. The paper is drawing attention not only for record-keeping purposes but also for interior decoration and for it’s uses in paper wrapping.

  • Hanguk Eumak (musik tradisional Korea)

Traditional Korean music that has slow-rhythm and sentimental lyrics that epitomize the sad history of Korea. Such unique Korean sentiments had significant influence on Korean popular music and drama and are an important driver of the Korean Wave.

“Mimpi terpendam, ingin mengunjungi Negeri Ginseng!”

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